Talk about the difference between a sweeper and a sweeper

There are many vehicles in life. Some vehicles are dedicated to cleaning roads and help clean roads. There are two types of vehicles: sweepers and sweepers. The names of the washing vehicles and road sweepers are similar, and the cleaning function should be similar. Therefore, many people think that the two vehicles are actually the same type of vehicle, but the name is different. In fact, there are differences between sweeper and sweeper. What is the difference between sweeper and sweeper ?


What is a sweeper

The sweeper can be used as a sweeper to clean and clean the road surface. There is a tank on the top of the vehicle, which can also be used as a flusher to flush the road surface to help remove oil, dirt, etc. from the road surface. Traces are used for suction and other purposes. They are used for a wide range of applications in urban roads.

What is a road sweeper

The road sweeper is also a road sweeping vehicle. Besides the purpose of sweeping, it also has functions such as garbage transportation and garbage collection to help collect rubbish on the road, so that the road can become more beautiful and beautiful, maintain the road health, and avoid roads. Too much rubbish affects the driver's normal driving.

The difference between a sweeper and a sweeper is mainly a function. The main purpose of cleaning vehicles is to clean the road surface and concentrate on “washing”. Washing, washing, dry cleaning, spraying, etc. can all be used. The road sweeper is concentrated on the “sweep”. It is more to clean up the rubbish on the road. There are many sweeping modes such as “full sweep”, “right sweep”, “full sweep”, “right sweep "," "left sweep", "left sweep" and so on, can help people to maximize the road clean.

What is the difference between a sweeper and a sweeper ? After the introduction, you also know the difference between a sweeper and a sweeper. They have their own uses, so when buying, you must be able to choose the main purpose of the purchase. It will be more practical. At present, some vehicles also combine the functions of both the sweeper and the sweeper. The functions are more, but the price is also more expensive.


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