Can automotive glass be polished? Polishing steps for automotive glass

There are often some small accidents when driving around us, causing the car glass to scrape, not only affecting the aesthetics of the car, but also letting the driver drive the car more dangerously. In order to drive safer, we need to polish the glass. How to polish the car glass, let's take a look at it with Xiaobian.

Step, glass surface cleaning and preparation before glass polishing


Can the car glass be polished?

1. Cover the edge of the glass to be repaired with tape first to avoid staining the car and the surrounding environment when the glass is polished.

2. Carefully clean the surface of the glass and glass polishing sandpaper, and do not have any dust, sand, etc. attached.

3. Before polishing the glass, first use the marker to circle the part to be polished and repaired behind the glass to avoid excessive polishing area.

The second step, using glass sandpaper of P120#, P240#, P400#, P600# to eliminate glass scratches

1. Note that the sandpaper model here is different from the daily hand sandpaper model labeling, and cannot be mixed with daily sandpaper.

2. Pour the polishing liquid solution as needed, and dilute it with water in a 1:1 ratio. The maximum amount should not exceed 1:5. It is specially used for sandpaper polishing.

3, scratch polishing must ensure that the polishing liquid is sufficient, sandpaper can not be directly polished on the glass surface at any time. A. Deeper scratches (hand touch feels obvious): P120# glass sandpaper initial grinding---P240# polishing and smoothing---Pharding with P600# sandpaper to make the surface meet the final polishing requirements, or omitted This item goes directly to the third step. B. Slight scratches (hand touch no feeling but there are white marks): P400# glass sandpaper initial grinding --- use P600# sandpaper to polish again, so that the surface reaches the final polishing requirements, you can also omit this to go directly to the third step.

The third step is to change the polishing liquid to use a special polishing wheel to polish and restore the glass.


Can automotive glass be polished? How to polish automotive glass?

1. Wipe the glass cleanly to observe the sanding range, and apply the polishing stock solution with a special polishing wheel (using the appropriate pressure, the polishing machine tray and the glass surface should be flat). If there is no polishing machine, it can be polished by hand polishing. Note that the moving speed should not be too fast and finely polished to ensure the effect.

2. If the gloss is not good, repeat the above steps.

The fourth step: the final rendering


Can automotive glass be polished? How to polish automotive glass?

After the damaged car glass is polished, it is the same as the rebirth. The glass has wood that is brighter than the new car! But Xiaobian reminds everyone that non-professional personnel must go to the regular repair shop for polishing, do not handle it yourself. Car glass is even worse. At the same time, when you drive, you must take good care of the vehicle, do not let the vehicle receive any damage, and love your car as you care for yourself.

Stud And Track Roll Forming Machine

Working principle:

Steel strip is made into track keel by machine through cold-bend forming technology.


Light steel Stud and Track produced by roll forming machine are widely used in construction, transportation and other industries. It is mainly used for roofing and wall of buildings, such as steel structures, airports, storehouses,etc.



2.Roll Forming System     

3.Punching system           

4.Cutting Device           

5.Hydraulic Station        

6.PLC control system       


Working Flow:

Loading coil – decoiling – guide feeding – main roll forming – hydrarlic cutting – finished products

Working Flow 

Technique parameters:

Processing material: aluzinc/galvanized steel/colored steel coil

Material thickness: 0.3-2mm

Main motor power:4kw(can change as request)

Pump power: 4kw

Shaft diameter: 75mm

Forming steps: 15steps and more

Roller material: high grade 45# steel, hard Chromium plating

Main frame:300H steel

Medium plate thickness: 16mm


Material of the cutting blade:Cr12

Control system: PLC computer control

Power supply: 380V, 3 Phase, 60Hz (can change as customers request)


Different profile type series:

C Track Roll Forming Machine

U track Roll Forming Machine

Z track roll forming machine

H Stud Roll Forming Machine

T stud roll forming machine

Customized profile roll forming machine


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