ZigBee smart switch and single fire line power

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Power module

ZigBee smart switch is a smart switch designed based on ZigBee protocol. It is mainly used for the switch of household lamps and electrical appliances. Compared with ordinary intelligent switches, it has the function of self-organizing network. It does not need to learn code, and it is easy to use. In cooperation with the host computer, you can view and remotely control home lighting in real time through mobile terminals such as mobile phones, computers, tablet computers and ipads. , Electrical switch (even if far away from home thousands of miles away, can also freely switch). To achieve wireless deployment, users can remotely control the opening and closing of the switch, which has the advantages of low cost, simple operation, high stability, strong anti-interference ability, small power loss, fast heat dissipation, long service life, easy maintenance, and good safety. After the indoor layout, all the lights in the room can be controlled on each switch, and the status of all the lights in the room will be displayed on each switch (implementing the query and feedback function for the two-way information of the remote lighting state).

Power module

ZigBee smart switches are widely used in homes, offices, hospitals and hotels. They are currently the mainstream of smart switches. ZigBee smart switches are usually divided into 1 on, 2 on, and 3 on, support touch control, support remote control, support smart remote control, and have status feedback.

The single FireWire ZigBee Smart Switch is a single FireWire-powered switch developed on the basis of the ZigBee protocol. It is the perfect combination of ZigBee technology and single fire power.

The single-fire power technology solves the “wiring-free” installation problem of smart home electronic switches. As the domestic wall switch wiring is only a FireWire, and now the general smart home switch is a zero FireWire switch, it requires two lines to power it, install the smart home switch you need to re-arrange the zero line, the renovated house is not convenient Install smart home switch. Take a single fire and take power, you can solve this problem. The difficulty of the single fire line power acquisition technology is that when the light is turned off, the single fire intelligent switch is connected to the power grid in series with the lamp, so the current flowing through the smart switch and the lamp is the same, and a small current will result in a smart switch circuit. Can not work, if the current is too large will cause the lamp to have intermittent flicker and other issues, this problem has been the most important technical bottleneck restricting the development of single fire (single-pole) intelligent switches at home and abroad, mature and stable single fire line power supply technology is effective The necessary means to break through this technological bottleneck.

The true ZigBee single-firing intelligent switch adopts a mature and stable single-firing power supply technology. It is not necessary to connect any so-called “safety capacitor” or “anti-interference resistor” to avoid flashing of certain lamps at both ends of the zero line of the load! There are many defects in the class components: the load is not strong, heat and power consumption, and there is a great security risk!)

The use of mature and stable single-firing power supply technology and ZigBee technology solves the existing technical problems of high power consumption, high cost, poor networking capability, short transmission distance, low security, and lack of compatible lighting fixtures. ZigBee intelligent switch is equipped with a single FireWire module (such as SCR special-purpose PI-3V3-B4, relay-specific PI-05V-D4, etc.) to achieve a single FireWire input, the wiring method is the same as the traditional switch, easy to install, No need to cut walls, no need to change any lines, directly replace the original wall ordinary mechanical switch. ZigBee modules (such as CC2530, etc.) can be placed inside the smart switch to allow unlimited networking and integrate all home appliances into the system. This allows mobile devices such as mobile phones, PCs, ipads and other mobile devices to control all lighting and electrical appliances in the home. Shows the true status of the fixtures and appliances being controlled.

Power module

The smart switch adopting the mature and stable single-fire power-picking technology has the following characteristics:

1. Single FireWire control, direct replacement of existing wall ordinary mechanical switch, no need to re-wiring, directly replace the traditional 86 switch, no need to connect another zero line, no need to change any line of the lamp, manual control can also be remote control, no effect on each other, simple installation , fast and safe;

2. Ultra-low standby power consumption, no flickering of the lamps during standby;

3. Largely compatible with common lighting fixtures (such as LED lamps, energy-saving lamps, fluorescent lamps, incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, tungsten lamps, etc.), and it is not necessary to externally connect capacitor resistors and other Accessories;

4. The use of multi-channel power supply technology, standby power consumption is smaller, and the power supply is not the primary and secondary, effectively avoiding the situation that the entire switch product can not be used when one-way light fixture is damaged;

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