Pharmaceutical Machinery Vibrating Granulating Machine for Meet GMP Standards

Model NO.: YK-160
Output Speed: 60 Rpm
Motor Power: 3 Kw
Rotor Diameter: 160mm
Capacity: 100-400 Kg/H
Net Weight: 210 Kg
Trademark: Junzhuo
Transport Package: PE Film+Wooden Case
Specification: 850*820*1080mm
Origin: China Mainland
HS Code: 8479820090

YK160 Oscillating Granulator With PLC

General Description

Oscillating Granulator is used for both wet and dry granulation process. Oscillating Granulators make quality of granules better. The unique oscillatory rotor action ensures high output and efficient granulation. Oscillating Granulators are available in Standard & GMP models with SS 304 / SS 316L Contact Parts. Explosion proof motor is optional in some special application.Single/Double rotor is also available.

Various Model Type
Sealed type: With gas-tight structure at both ends of granulation shaft, it effectively prevent the material into the sealing cover.
No rack type: A unique reducer owned byJunzhuo, made the whole machine enclosed .The gearbox has no rack bar and skateboard. There is no sliding friction and the transmission efficiency is much higher. Such a clean healthy environment can meet GMP standard.
Explosion-proof: all models can be customized to meet explosion-proof production environment.
Large power: Upgrade the transmission gear box and motor, it is suitable for powder products and high proportion materials.

Pharmaceutical Machinery Vibrating Granulating Machine for Meet GMP Standards

Pharmaceutical Machinery Vibrating Granulating Machine for Meet GMP Standards

Pharmaceutical Machinery Vibrating Granulating Machine for Meet GMP Standards

Working Principle

Oscillating Granulator has one rotor with seven edges, which oscillate on horizontal axis at about 360 degrees. There is one half round sieve mounted at the bottom of the rotor. Product is charged from the top through in feed hopper and material falls on the rotor lades. The particles are broken by a set of oscillating bars arranged in cylindrical form over a screen of suitable mesh. Due to the sharp edges on rotor, the downsizing of particle takes place and through sieve material gets pushed outward from the bottom opening.

Pharmaceutical Machinery Vibrating Granulating Machine for Meet GMP Standards

Technical Parameter

Model Rotor Diameter Rotation Speed Swaying Angle Final Product Dimeter Motor Power Capacity Overall Dimension Approx. Weight
YK-160 160mm 60r/min 360° 1-5mm 3kw 50-300kg/h 850*820*1080mm 210kg
YK-160D 160mm 55r/min 360° 1-5mm 5.5 kw 100-400 kg/h 950*780*1210mm 300 kg
YK-160Z 160mm 40r/min 360° 1-5mm 5.5 kw 100-400 kg/h 1160*720*1250mm 450 kg
YK-250 250mm 40-50r/min 360° 1-5mm 5.5 kw 150-550 kg/h 1150*820*1270mm 600 kg
YK-250D 250mm 40-50r/min 360° 1-5mm 7.5kw 200-600 kg/h 1250*950*1300mm 750 kg
YK-250Z 250mm 40r/min 360° 1-5mm 11 kw 300-600 kg/h 1700*900*1350mm 1000 kg
YK-320 320mm 35r/min 360° 1-5mm 7.5 kw 300-700 kg/h 1400*800*1500mm 800 kg
YK-320D 320mm 35r/min 360° 1-5mm 11 kw 300-800 kg/h 1450*800*1500mm 1050kg
YK-320Z 320mm 35r/min 360° 1-5mm 15 kw 300-800 kg/h 1700*900*1400mm 1250 kg
YK-350 350mm 35r/min 360° 1-5mm 11-15 kw 400-1200 kg/h 2100*860*1540mm 1250 kg

Salient Features

-In compliance with cGMP guidelines. 
- Robust and durable.
- Continuous oscillating stirrers drive.
- Very compact design.
- Simple screen holding and tensioning device.
- Efficient and dependable.
- Screen in different size / durable / cost effective. 
-Castors provided for mobility 
- Easy to operate / clean / maintain.
- Entire working zone and stirrer can be dismantled quickly

Transmission Parts

1.   Gear Reducer
The gearing reducer is owned by JUNZHUO MACHINERY, which is an important part of YK series sway granulator.

Pharmaceutical Machinery Vibrating Granulating Machine for Meet GMP Standards

2. Worm Gear and Worm Shaft
A bronze worm gear is optional.
Pharmaceutical Machinery Vibrating Granulating Machine for Meet GMP Standards

3.Optional Model
Bearings: SKF
Gear Reducer:SEW
Electric Devices: Schneider

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