Successfully developed balanced low shear control valve in Shengli Oilfield

The Sancai Center of Gudong Farm in Shengli Oilfield recently successfully developed a balanced low-shear cut-off regulating valve, which makes it possible for oilfield injection pumps to simultaneously inject multiple wells. Since the polymer is subject to large loss of mechanical shear viscosity, it is required that the regulating ball valve must be fully open or fully closed when the polymer medium is transported, otherwise large polymer shear will be caused, so usually the injection pump can only give one injection well at a time. A polymer mother liquor is provided.

To this end, the center uses a conical design, using a surfacing alloy material at the seal between the valve core and the valve seat, which has strong erosion resistance and can ensure the sealing of the valve. The valve transmission system is sealed with a step-down technology to ensure flexible valve adjustment. Tests show that the valve has the characteristics of high adjustment accuracy of mother liquid, convenient operation in the field and high viscosity retention rate. When the opening of the regulating valve is fully open, 2/3, 1/2, 1/4, the viscosity retention rate is above 98%. At present, the regulating valve has been declared a national patent.

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