New ways to save water in Zhejiang Province

Recently, an appraisal committee composed of experts from the Shanghai Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences conducted an appraisal of the results of the “Research on High-yield Dry Cultivation of Single-season Rice in Irrigated Paddy Fields” undertaken by the China National Rice Research Institute (Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province). A message will be uploaded, and the use of “irrigated paddy fields with single-season high-yielding dry farming practices” will increase rice planting by 45% per acre compared to conventional water saving!
After earnestly listening to the study report and examining the field trial site, the expert group believed that the study used heterologous crossbreeding combinations with obvious heterosis as a material and integrated a number of effective high-yielding rice cultivation techniques to meet the physiological needs of rice. According to the law, with the “spitting water” status of the rice plant leaf tip as a safety indicator, the implementation of “water planting nursery, bacon-lined bain, water channelling, ear drying, and wet-and-dry-resistance” 16-character water-repellent slurry management measures "Irrigation paddy field single-season rice high-yield dry farming method", get 600 kg per acre yield, similar to the conventional irrigated rice yield, save about 180 tons of water per mu, saving 15 yuan for irrigation electricity costs, 15 kg of urea. After comparing the "high-yield dry farming method" and the traditional rice cultivation method characterized by aquifer irrigation, the characteristics of rice growth, yield formation, individual photosynthetic efficiency, and root developmental morphological and physiological changes under dry conditions were elucidated. The single-season high-yield dry-landing method for irrigated rice fields provides a relatively solid physiological basis.
The project is selected on the basis of sufficient research topics and full and accurate research data. The implementation of research results will benefit food security and ecological environment protection and promote the sustainable development of rice cultivation in China. The achievements are systematic, innovative and practical. They have made achievements in the combination of theoretical research and technical research and are worthy of demonstration and promotion.

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