Chevron plans to build at least three biofuel units

According to Oil and Gas Online Houston, Chevron’s subsidiary has agreed to build at least three biofuel units for Ethanex Energy. Ethanex Energy is a renewable energy company dedicated to low-cost ethanol production.

The contract requires Chevron Energy Solutions (CES) to conduct engineering, survey, site and civil design work to prepare and develop ethanol plants. These ethanol plants will use advanced technology to increase production efficiency.

The proposal includes authorizing the CES to carry out contract negotiations for the engineering, procurement and construction of the biofuel plant project.

The three units will be built in Missouri, Illinois, and Kansas, respectively. Each unit will have a designed capacity of approximately 132 million gallons of fuel grade ethanol.

According to Chevron, the current total capacity of ethanol plants in the United States is approximately 5 billion gallons per year.

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