Insight into the unique corporate culture of Shanghai Auto Show Commercial Camp JAC

- Jianghuai dresses at the Shanghai Auto Show, and the collective debut of commercial vehicles leads the new trend

On April 22, 2007, JAC's full range of commercial vehicles unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show. The spectacular JAC commercial vehicle camp formed a beautiful landscape. The relevant experts attending the auto show pointed out that through the display of JAC's light truck series products, it indicates the emergence of a new market pattern, and the new era of energy economy for commercial vehicles is approaching.

Commercial vehicle market presents a new situation, and the new trend of Jianghuai light truck pilotage

As an internationally renowned A-class auto show, the Shanghai Auto Show has always been the focus of the automotive industry. This time, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, JAC, Chang'an and other well-known domestic and foreign automobile brands gathered in Shanghai and they all resorted to the attention of the participants. In particular, in the commercial vehicle exhibition area of ​​this auto show, commercial vehicle giants such as FAW Jiefang, Jianghuai, Futian, Dongfeng, and China National Heavy Duty Trucks competed to compete for the superior performance of their products and highlighted their selling points. After understanding, the reporter found that in the auto show, commercial vehicles showed three major trends:

1. Energy conservation and consumption reduction continue to heat up and become the most talked about topic. The economical use of energy and the rational use of energy have become new trends in the development of commercial vehicles.

2. Intensified commercial vehicle sedanization;

3. Brand service construction has become the focus of competition among commercial vehicle manufacturers;

Among the numerous manufacturers, industry professionals believe that Jianghuai has become a leading company in leading the development trend of commercial vehicles with its comprehensive strength in product technology and service construction, and stands at the forefront of the development of the industry.

Why is there such a conclusion? The expert gave an explanation:

Since Jianghuai Light Trucks has established its footing in the market, it has been following the principle of starting from the needs of users and continuously researching and developing new products that meet market demands and meet consumers' interests. When energy saving and consumption reduction became the focus of the public at the moment, how to economically and rationally use energy has become a major problem for commercial vehicles. Jianghuai has taken the lead in product development, and the 4DA1 engine has been independently researched and produced by Jianghuai as an engine. The light truck engine relies on imports. The engine has good fuel performance, low energy consumption, excellent power performance, small size and weight, and it feels impetuous when driving. After being applied to Jianghuai Shuai Ling II and other products, compared with similar products of Oumake and Jiangling, JAC light trucks save 1~1.5L of oil per 100 kilometers, making JAC an industry-recognized fuel-saving expert, and the products are deeply favored by consumers. Market sales are booming.

In the brand service construction, the intimate service of Jianghuai goes deep into the hearts of consumers. 4S stores are high quality from the image to the service. Many consumers who have purchased JAC light-card products have expressed that they will be recommended in the future for the car purchase plan and for friends. Among them, the Jianghuai light truck is still its first choice, which shows the influence of the JAC brand. Experts believe that the intimate service of JAC is known for its high quality and efficiency, and it has become a service model company in the industry.

In addition, public demand for commercial vehicle cabs is getting higher and higher, especially for trucks, which are mainly used for medium and long-distance transportation. Therefore, drivers will have a long time with the cab, and the comfort level of the cab becomes One of the key factors that affect the driver's work efficiency and job mood. Based on the principle of customer demand, Jianghuai, which has excellent product quality, has fully absorbed the internationally advanced light truck technology in the Shuailing II series products. The 808 Haote cab with independent intellectual property rights in the configuration is the leading international cab; The "Cangling II" adopts an international streamlined high-roof cab, a crystal headlight, a reversible mechanism, softening of interiors and a car-based maneuvering system, fully embodying the Humanity advocated by Jianghuai Automobile in the cab design. The design concept of "Utility" and "High-tech (Technology)" was the first to lead the trend toward the commercialization of commercial vehicles. Now the cab of JAC light truck products has formed a good reputation among consumers and has a high reputation throughout the industry.

Deciphering Jianghuai's profound corporate culture achievements

After 42 years of experience in development, Jianghuai Automobile has completed the layout of a full range of automobile trucks last year, and has gradually grown into an integrated automotive enterprise group that produces commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, modified vehicles, and parts and components. Thousands. From the earliest small businesses that started with car chassis to the development of light truck industry giants, Jianghuai's profound corporate culture has undoubtedly played an important role.

As we all know, every victory in JAC's success comes from its quest for superior quality, and the assurance of quality undoubtedly depends on the quality of people. In JAC, there is a famous slogan: plastic character, a fine product, car products such as character. To this end, Jianghuai creatively practices the “learning” management theory and establishes a “40+4” new employee learning system, laying a number of paths for the growth of its employees. At the same time, the company's vision is broken down into individuals, so that the vision becomes the driving force behind each employee service company's self-development. Kim Ji-Ming, an engineer of Korea Modern Group, commented on the Jianghuai people: People here have a sense of advancement and are more active and active. Employees or leaders are good, and everyone can work together to work together for the development of the company.

Established a positive and progressive learning enterprise, JAC established "customer first" as the starting point of its "value marketing" system; "for the user to create value continuously, bring benefits" is the foundation of JAC light card rooted users. Jianghuai conducts research and development of deep plowing techniques based on the principle of “consumer benefits”. In the vehicle field, it has always been committed to improving product quality, broadening product lines, and providing customers with the most complete, most advanced and most economical truck products. . Over the years, Jianghuai, a giant in the light truck industry, has been actively making breakthroughs in its superior product light trucks. The upgrading of Shuailing, Kangling, Weiling and Chunling products has greatly boosted its leadership in the light truck industry. The product quality achieved a further breakthrough; Xiao Wei and Rui Ling, as strategic products in their development, adopted the latest achievements in the internal innovation and innovation of Jianghuai Automobile at the time in terms of technology and quality.

From the perspective of services, the people who have got the hearts and minds of the people, the various actions of JAC trucks make each and every beneficiary consumer see and remember in mind, thus achieving the high brand loyalty and reputation of Jianghuai Automobile. . Through surveys, consumers believe that JAC is one of the Big Three trucks. Its products are more pragmatic and closer to consumers, and their quality is more satisfying to them. As a JAC truck that has long been on the path of independent development, after years of self-developed technology research, JAC products have been recognized by the industry and gained respect from the community while gaining consumer awareness. This time, JAC's products have shocked the Shanghai auto show and displayed its own strength while further establishing its corporate brand. Experts believe that in 2007, the commercial vehicle market will enter a new period of development. As the light truck giant, the rapid development of Jianghuai will certainly promote the reshuffle of the entire industry and become the leader in the future competition.

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