Anti-fouling valve helps the compressor save energy

Gas valves are used in compressors used in fertilizer, petrochemical, mining, and power generation industries. At present, the premise of the general valve design is to work in a clean environment. When the valve is used in a complex gas environment containing large amounts of dust, tar, or activated carbon, the dirt in the gas can easily adhere to the gas valve. The surface of the runner groove leads to accelerated wear of the valve, loose seal, run-in and leak-out, and shortened service life of the valve, which is only 1% of the ideal working life. Some use only one or two months. Must be replaced. Even if the valve has not been damaged, it is easily blocked by dirt. Once it is blocked, it must be turned off to remove it. Some companies had to shut down and wash once for more than ten days. Frequent shutdowns and start-ups not only depleted the raw material gas, reduced the output of the company, but also greatly increased power consumption.
This phenomenon is particularly evident in fertilizer companies that use coal as a raw material. According to the company’s report, a compressor with a gas volume of 57 cubic meters per minute will lose more than 2,000 yuan at a time when it is stopped and turned on, regardless of indirect losses such as machine losses.
The anti-fouling bacteria-shaped gas valve developed by Wenzhou Blaine Compressor Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which has obtained the national patent, can work normally under complex gas conditions containing dust, tar, activated carbon and other impurities. Because this kind of air valve is sprayed with an anti-fouling layer on the surface of the valve body, the dirt in the air is not easy to adhere to the valve body, the wear of the air valve is greatly reduced, and the problems of running gas and air leakage are also solved. The energy consumption in the production process is reduced by 3% to 8%, and it is easy to maintain during use. By locating the positioning pin between the valve seat and the valve cover, the connection between the two is more stable, and the phenomenon that the sealing is not strict and the valve is worn is not caused due to the vibration and the like, and the service life of the valve can be increased by more than 5 times. .
The valve is currently in Hubei Yihua Group, Wuhan Fuyuan Chemical Co., Ltd., Fuzhou Yaolong Chemical Group Nitrogen Fertilizer Plant, Guangxi Liuzhou Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., Qingdao Alkali Industry Co., Ltd., Shanxi Jinfeng Coal Chemical Co., Ltd., Henan Dozens of companies such as Luyu Chemical Power Co., Ltd. have been applied. Companies generally reflect that the use of this valve reduces energy consumption and saves costs. The anti-fouling valve of Hubei Yihua Group has been installed for more than two years and is still normally used in compressors. The nitrogen fertilizer plant of Fuzhou Yaolong Chemical Group Company applied it to compressors imported from the United States and also received good results.

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