Full-featured ultra-light valve features

A good adjustment of the performance Adjustable range R = 100 ~ 200 P, N, M 3 to 7 times; small opening adjustment performance is good; Kv value is single-seat valve, seat valve, seat valve 2 to 3 times 2 good cut off valve plug and valve seat into line contact, good contact, hard seal leakage rate of 10 - 6 ~ 10 - 7, single seat, two seat and sleeve leakage rate (10 - 3 ~ 10 - 4) 1 ‰ 3 overcome the maximum differential pressure of the media together on the center of rotation torque is small, so cut off the pressure difference, up to PN value is single-seat valve 5 to 20 times 4 anti-blocking performance of the media through, the flow path is simple, anti-flow Blocking performance is far superior to the single-seat valve, seat valve and sleeve valve 5 good corrosion resistance The valve uses a corrosion and erosion-resistant measures, with excellent corrosion and erosion resistance 6 pressure performance is good Using forged body, PN up to 32MPa 7 temperature performance good use of high temperature packing for a wide temperature range: - 60 ℃ ~ +600 ℃ 8 small size, light weight, the best structural design, the weight of a single machine, Double-seat valve, sleeve valve to reduce 60% to 80%; height dropped 50% to 70% 9 appearance Optimize the appearance of the design, so that the best combination of actuators and valves, machine well-proportioned and beautiful

Gear Clock Series, fully designed and developed by Mid-Clock R&D team, CE and RoHS Marking approved.

Gear Clock is the 
combination of Mechanism and Art. Gears are always moving as the time goes. Every single gear is linked and driven precisely. The unified operation of all the gears shows the beauty of Mechanism.

From the time Gear Clock was develop, it has been the best-selling product line till today. And we have extended the series like Classic Desk Gear, Classic Wall Gear, Huge Wall Gear, Building Gear, Funny Stuff, Wooden Gear.

We can provide customized service with ordering a MOQ at 300PCS, like printing the LOGO. You can also develop your idea in Gear Clock Series.


Gear Clocks

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