China Steel Hengyang builds a new type of drilling rig adapted to South America

On April 16, China Steel Group Hengyang Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. developed a new type of YZ55 compacted wheel drilling rig adapted to the specific geological conditions in South America. The whole machine was successfully tested and began to be shipped.
The roller-drilling rig is a major mining equipment for large-scale open pit mines and is mainly responsible for drilling operations before blasting. Sinosteel’s emphasis was on the introduction of American rotary drilling rig technology in the 1980s. After continuous digestion and innovation, it has a number of independent intellectual property rights. This time the demand side was an iron mine in Peru and realized the first sale of the Zhonggang Hengzhong YZ55 compactor drilling rig to the American continent.
It is understood that the status of Peru is representative in South America, and the working conditions of open-pit mines are extremely complex. The geological conditions are hard, there are large vibrations, high altitudes, and the climate and air changes caused by currents are large. China Steel Hengzhong made a technical upgrade plan for the rotary rig through several field visits by experts. For example, in order to increase the propulsive force of the drill, they designed three AC variable-frequency motors in the slewing system and the main drive mechanism to meet the needs of increasing the voltage and frequency. This design is the first in the country. In addition, Sinosteel Hengheng also applied programmable controller PLC and human-machine interface (HMI) technology to YZ55 type drum drilling rig, improved the air compressor and separated the hangar from the driver's cab, and enhanced the anti-corrosion protection of the whole machine. Rust function. The technical performance, intelligence, and automation of the new drilling rig have all been significantly improved, laying a solid foundation for further expansion into the South American market.
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