Hongyan series became the designated heavy truck for Shanghai World Expo for the first time

The 2010 World Expo Bureau officially authorized the SAIC Iveco Hongyan series heavy truck to be designated as the heavy truck of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. The domestic heavy truck became the designated product of the global Expo for the first time.

In order to jointly interpret the theme of the “Better City, Better Life” theme, SAIC Iveco Hongyan attaches great importance to the combination of European technology and the advantages of the local market, and strives to provide users with advanced technology, brand-rich, high-quality heavy truck products and services. In order to fully participate in the construction of the city and better perform the duties of corporate citizens.

With the continuous improvement of people’s environmental awareness and the continuous rise in domestic crude oil prices, as early as 2007, SAIC Iveco Hongyan successfully developed the first natural gas truck. All performance tests and various technical indicators are in line with the requirements of national industry standards. And it fills the gap of Hongyan trucks in this field, and clean energy has greatly reduced the emissions of automobile exhaust.

On March 12th this year, as the first new generation of heavy duty Hongyan “Jieshi” GENLYON, which was newly developed by SAIC Iveco Hongyan since the establishment of the company, it was launched at the National Stadium. This vehicle integrates European contemporary heavy truck technology. With the domestic heavy truck practical experience, product performance and quality are fully optimized, driving comfort, overall safety, reliability, economy and electronic level have reached the highest level of domestic heavy trucks. It is equipped with Cursor9 engine can not only meet the Euro III standard, but also can be further upgraded according to the needs of the European IV and Euro V engine; humanized design of the maximum height of the driving interior space up to 2200mm; indoors at constant speed 68 ± 2db The ultra-low noise (domestic standard is 90db) can keep the driving pleasure and reduce the safety hazards; according to the material practicality and environmental protection, the materials of the interior parts are strictly determined according to German VW50180 "control standards for volatile substances in the car", each in the car The control of these volatile substances is more stringent than domestic standards and defines the new standard for domestic heavy trucks, which is in full compliance with the green and urban living standards.

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