Geochemical exploration equipment independently developed "Golden Avenue"

Jinguang Road, a road in Langfang City, Hebei Province. The Institute of Geophysical and Geochemical Exploration of the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences is located on this avenue.

From September 6th to 8th, the Fourth China (Beijing) International Geological Technology Equipment Exhibition and Forum organized by China Geological Survey, China Mining Association Geological and Mining Equipment Branch and China Geological Equipment Corporation was held in Beijing. As one of the exhibitors, the geophysical and geochemical exploration agency will exhibit the highest level of physical and chemical exploration equipment that is independently developed and represents our geophysical equipment. The Institute has initially formed a set of geochemical exploration equipment and methodologies with China's independent intellectual property rights, and promoted China’s geophysical and geochemical undertakings to embark on the fast-growing Golden Avenue. In order to further understand the research and development of the geophysical and geochemical equipment of this institute, the author interviewed Han Ziye, director of the physical and chemical exploration institute and party secretary, and asked him to introduce the research and development process of the physical and chemical exploration equipment.

Since its establishment in 1957, the Geophysical Exploration Institute has taken the responsibility of solving China's geophysical prospecting and geochemical exploration methods. According to the national demand for coal, iron, non-ferrous metals and other mineral deposits, it has developed electricity, magnetism, gravity, and earthquakes. The series of geophysical exploration methods and related instruments and equipment has been developed into a series of geophysical exploration equipment for air, ground, and underground, and a high-power, high-resolution, multi-function array electromagnetic system has been developed. Three-component high-temperature superconducting magnetometers and other components have succeeded in breaking through key components and key technology constraints, and prepared a set of arbitrageurs for the breakthrough in prospecting. While ensuring that China’s geophysical equipment has kept pace with international development, some equipment is still higher than the products produced by international mainstream manufacturers in terms of technical performance and adaptability.

Exploration geochemistry has always been at the leading international level in terms of survey techniques, analysis and test elements, analysis and test instruments and techniques, development of geochemical reference materials, and investigation of area and prospecting results. Under the organization of the China Geological Survey, the methods and techniques of exploration geochemistry were applied successfully to fields such as agriculture and the environment, and the related survey techniques and methods were developed to solve the two real problems faced by human beings, such as resources and the environment, and are even being explored. Ecological civilization construction has a positive reference.


To meet the needs of reality

When talking about these achievements, Han was summed up in one sentence on the night, which was mainly due to the establishment of a research and development philosophy that meets the needs of reality.

He said that after the physical and chemical exploration institute was established, this idea has always been carried out throughout the scientific research work. Although the R&D process has undergone a process of gradual improvement from single instrumentation to system integration and supporting method technologies, the concept of fulfilling actual needs has not changed. It is the equipment and technology required for the development of geophysics and the breakthrough in prospecting. What physical and chemical exploration institutes research and develop. Now, on the basis of comprehensively summing up this experience, the Geophysical and Geochemical Exploration Institute has established the idea of ​​the integrated development of “research, study, production, and use” so as to better meet the real needs of the development of disciplines and breakthroughs in ore exploration. Development and prospecting breakthroughs provide better technical support.

Han Xiaoye explained the concept by taking the R&D course of a high-power multi-function electromagnetic system that was tested through industrial prototype performance indicators at the end of last year as an example.

According to him, in accordance with the actual development of international electric instrument development and the actual needs of domestic ore prospecting, the Geophysical and Geochemical Exploration Institute proposed the idea of ​​developing a natural field electric apparatus in 1991, and officially launched research and development in 1992. During the R&D process, the R&D team started from the actual needs of the field geological work and improved the geological work efficiency in the field. The R&D team successively updated the prototype several times. For example, in order to improve data collection efficiency and quality and field adaptability, successively Developed the hybrid synchronization technology of wired, wireless and GPS and high-precision quartz clocks; in order to meet the needs of exploring the potential of the second prospecting space, developed high-voltage, high-current power supply technologies; in order to enhance the overall functionality of the instrument, AMT, SIP, CSAMT and other method technologies have been integrated; in order to improve the efficiency of data interpretation in production units, two-dimensional three-dimensional forward and inverse theoretical studies and algorithms have been developed for audio magnetotelluric sounding, controlled source audio magnetotelluric sounding, and frequency spectrum induced electrical measurement. Such as research, preliminarily constructed the interpretation software system of multi-functional electromagnetic survey observation data.

Han Ziye said that reviewing the R&D course of the Aeronautical Geophysical Workstation also found that the concept of meeting the needs of the real world has always been through research and development. From the beginning of the establishment to the beginning of 1962, the geophysical and geochemical exploration institute successfully developed China's first large-scale aviation geophysical exploration instrument, the Model 402 â–³T-saturated aeromagnetometer, and put into geophysical exploration. Since then, researchers have continuously updated and improved the instrument according to actual needs, and successfully developed the HDY-202 single-frequency aeronautical electromagnetic/magnetic integrated measurement station assembled from the Y-5 wing-head hard-frame avionics system and aeromagnetic instrument. In 1980, the institute successfully developed the HDY-301 dual-frequency wing-tip hard-rack avionics system installed on domestic Y-11 aircraft. The main technical indicators of the instrument reached the international advanced level of similar instruments of the time. From 1981 to 1991, the researchers assembled the Y-11 dual-frequency wing-headed avionics system and the aeromagnet instrument into a Y-11 aviation electromagnetic/magnetic integrated measurement station, which became the only application in China for scientific research and long-term commitment. All localized aviation geophysical (electromagnetic/magnetic) integrated survey stations for exploration missions have an average length of 10,000 kilometers per year. In 1998, the Geophysical and Geotechnical Research Institute developed a tri-band wing-tip hard-frame avionics system (Y-11B (electric/magnetic) integrated station), VLF system, and associated aero-physical and geophysical exploration (tri-frequency electromagnetic/VLF electromagnetic/magnetic). The data processing software system of the comprehensive measurement station has also been put into exploration flights to achieve good prospecting results, which has effectively promoted geological prospecting and production work and demonstrated the broad application prospects of the avionics method. In this way, the physical and chemical exploration team's technical team has not stopped the pace of research and development, has always tracked the use of integrated stations, timely understanding of the production units in the use of difficulties and problems, research on the prospecting of the needs of aviation geophysical exploration equipment, has developed Aeronautical magnetic instruments, single frequency aerospace electromagnetic systems, dual-frequency and tri-band aerospace electromagnetic systems, and electrical/magnetic/distributive integrated measurement systems were used as the basis. After breaking through the technical problems of the airborne electromagnetic systems in the frequency domain, The time-domain aviation electromagnetic system independently developed by them has entered the final stage of sprint. After the successful implementation of the fixed-wing aircraft, it has now begun to develop scientific research and technological breakthroughs involving helicopters and drones, and has made substantial progress.

"To meet the needs of our own people is actually a process of self-pressurization and continuous innovation." Han Zi Ye said, "It is precisely because of this concept that we have enabled Geophysical and Geochemical Exploration Institute to become China's geophysical geochemistry from the equipment R&D system. From hardware production to software package provider."

Innovation -

Make domestic equipment better

Persist in meeting the needs of reality. At present, geophysical exploration has developed a series of aeronautical geophysical equipment consisting mainly of electric/magnetic/radio stations, with high-power and high resolution multi-function array electromagnetic systems. , transient electromagnetic systems, three-component high-temperature superconducting magnetometers and other ground geophysical exploration equipment series, underground electromagnetic wave CT system, radio wave tunnel perspective instrument, etc. mainly three geophysical prospecting equipment geophysical exploration equipment series, and Zeeman Mercury analyzer, automatic injection hydride generation double-channel atomic fluorescence spectrophotometer-based geochemical exploration equipment series.

The successful research and development of the four major series of equipment provided solid support for the geophysical and geochemical disciplines and breakthroughs in ore prospecting in China. At the same time, it also enabled China’s similar geological equipment to keep up with international development trends in its overall performance. Exceeds the technical level of international mainstream equipment of the same kind.

Among them, high-power high-resolution multi-function array electromagnetic system, electromagnetic aerial integrated geophysical exploration station, three-component high-temperature superconducting magnetometer, underground electromagnetic wave CT system, radio wave tunnel perspective instrument and other equipment, geophysical and geochemical exploration are our country The only R & D unit.

The high-power, high-resolution, multi-function array electromagnetic system has the advantages of greater depth of measurement, more synchronized means, wider frequency, and the ability to achieve natural field and artificial field mixed measurement, etc. compared with similar foreign instruments; The airborne geophysical exploration station has been further improved and has now basically implemented drones and helicopters. After being closer to the ground, it will greatly increase the detection sensitivity and depth; an observation of the frequency domain inducing polarization census-type amplitude phase meter can be performed. At the same time, the frequency and time-domain two-parameter excitation parameters are both light and efficient and far ahead of similar foreign instruments; the successful research and development of high-temperature superconducting magnetometers has made China the only two in the world capable of producing similar products. The practice of the country in geophysical exploration has proved that this product has better adaptability and more sensitive low-resistance zone acquisition performance than foreign products, and also enables China to develop and apply research in high-temperature superconducting magnetometers. Leading the world level; Transient electromagnetic system can realize measurement of multiple devices such as overlapping loops, large-scale sources, dipoles, etc., with high density and high Resolution, large dynamic range fast sampling measurement accuracy.

When it comes to these achievements, Han Xiaozhong believes that the key point is that scientists and technicians dare to innovate and be creative in R&D.

Taking underground geophysical equipment underground electromagnetic wave CT systems and radio wave tunnel perspective instruments as examples, since the beginning of research and development in the 1960s, physical and chemical exploration institutes have successively cooperated with dozens of domestic scientific research institutes, universities and production units to develop cross- Hole hole electromagnetic wave tomography technology innovation research, the research content involves the idea analysis, the pattern experiment, the instrument manufacture, the tomographic algorithm, the software development, the explanation and the application and so on many aspects. After continuous technological innovation, the system has been upgraded from the original Type 1 update to the current Type 6 and all performance indicators have been greatly improved.

While carrying out innovations in equipment research and development, the Institute also conducted innovative explorations of the scope of application. Now, in addition to being widely used in the exploration of metal deposits, under their guidance and promotion, these two systems have been widely applied to pre-harvest forecasting of mining face, urban construction geology, hydrogeology, engineering geology, environmental geology and archeology. And many other fields.

Taking the underground tunnel perspective instrument as an example, in the design of the underground mining face, the geological conditions such as faults, collapse columns, and rock lithology in the mining area can be ascertained in advance, and the arrangement of wells and lanes will be more scientific and reasonable. A coal mine in Tangshan, Hebei, under the guidance of researchers from the physical and chemical exploration institutes, used the tunnel perspective instrument to accurately detect the conditions of water and air bags in the pre-mechanized working face, thereby avoiding the occurrence of underground water and gas outburst accidents.

“Although under the influence of underground geological conditions, the detection rate of underground tunnel faults, water and gas packages by tunnel perspective instruments is not particularly high. However, as long as related basic research and information interpretation studies are strengthened, product performance is enhanced accordingly. It is entirely possible to use this equipment to clarify the situation of the pre-mechanized mining work ahead of time.” Gao Yifeng, manager of the geophysical and geochemical exploration company responsible for product application and transformation, said: “The promotion and application of this product in coal production enterprises will greatly save Pre-production investment and accident rescue investment to improve safety production capabilities."


Let the package become a real productivity

Targeting reality needs to engage in research and development, so that each equipment R&D room of geophysical and geochemical exploration becomes an incubator for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and this transformation runs through the entire process of upgrading equipment.

Taking the aviation electromagnetic system as an example, when this system was still in the Y11 era in the 1980s, this system was used to conduct measurements of 1:50,000 aviation electromagnetic integrated stations in the Shandong Peninsula, delineating aviation electromagnetic anomalies (bands). As many as hundreds. As of 1989, the Shandong Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources, the Armed Police Gold Corps and other units carried out ground inspections of these anomalies. Among them, the Shandong Department of Geology and Minerals inspected a total of 19 aviation electromagnetic abnormalities (zones), 3 gold mines and 1 gold mineralization, seeing a mine rate of 17%, finding an 8 ton medium-sized gold deposit; Armed Police Gold Corps A total of 23 aviation electromagnetic abnormalities (zones) were inspected, and 10 mines were found. The ore rate was 43%, and one medium-sized gold mine was found.

The high-power, high-resolution, multi-function array electromagnetic system has been used to directly carry out the design of drilling holes in gold exploration areas before it has been put into industrial production. A geologic prospecting unit in Inner Mongolia carried out many years of geological work in the Chenjiazhangzi mining area, and drilled many holes, but only discovered near-surface mineralization. Researchers at the Geophysical and Geochemical Exploration Institute rushed to the mining area with a high-power, high-resolution, multi-function array electromagnetic system that had not yet been fully defined. According to the information provided by the system, a 600-meter-deep hole location was designed. After drilling in accordance with the new design, the geological survey unit drilled a nearly 40-meter-thick gold ore body from 310 to 350 meters. The highest grade of gold is 25 grams/ton, and the average grade is also 4 grams/ton. Encouraged by this result, the geological exploration unit continued to drill until it exceeded the design depth of 100 meters before stopping drilling. The results show that a number of thin high-grade gold ore bodies were continuously drilled within 350 to 700 meters underground.

After the products are set, the geophysical and geochemical exploration institute has explored the hatching mode of two kinds of results transformation in order to transform scientific research achievements into practical productivity as soon as possible.

One is the incubation and promotion model of internal marketization. In order to promptly bring self-developed equipment to the market and form a realistic productivity, the physical and chemical exploration is the original pilot production plant. The Langfang Kaiyuan Hi-Tech Development Corporation was established to undertake market development while undertaking the development of special geochemical exploration equipment. With its product sales, after-sales service and technical support, and utilizing its own advantages in equipment research and development and technology, it carries out services ranging from water, engineering, and ring geological exploration technical services to geological disaster risk assessment and underground resource exploration and technical services. An incubation platform that integrates research, education, production, and use is built.

With this platform, Geophysical and Chemical Exploration Institute has independently developed XGY series atomic fluorescence spectrometers, XG series Zeeman mercury analyzers, CBT series of portable prospecting magnetometers, WKT series of radio wave tunnel perspective instruments, geothermal instruments, XBG series of light guide type Colorimeters, JQW series wells in the radio wave perspective, WDC series of electromagnetic transients, DST series downhole sound wave instrument, rock lithology and other equipment to the market. According to incomplete statistics, since the establishment of Kaiyuan Co., Ltd., a geophysical and geochemical exploration institute, physical and chemical exploration institutes have promoted more than 1,100 sets of products to the market for distribution in geological survey, marine, coal, nonferrous metals, urban water supply and drainage, food, and entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureaus. Hundreds of companies in the pharmaceutical and other industries shared the benefits and convenience of their achievements. Among them, only the XBG-2 photoconductor colorimeter has been widely used in geological exploration units for more than 400 units, which greatly shortens the evaluation period of prospecting units in the field for prospecting prospects for geochemical exploration anomalies.

The second is the professional manufacturer incubation promotion model. After the high-power, high-resolution, multi-function array electromagnetic system passed the test, the physical and chemical exploration institute and the China Geological Equipment Corporation signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The professional geological instrument manufacturer is responsible for the production, marketing and sales of the products. The physical and chemical exploration institute is responsible for Providing technical support and complementing each other's advantages: Manufacturers use their own product sales channels and marketing experience to promote more effective products; researchers at Geophysical and Geotechnical Institute are based on the actual needs of prospecting and the development trend of electromagnetic technology. , concentrate on product upgrades and supporting software development.

Planning -

Aiming at the forefront of the world

After entering the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan," China's economic and social development will continue to maintain a relatively high speed, and the rigid demand for resources will also continue to maintain a certain intensity. In order to achieve a major breakthrough in geological prospecting, research and development of geological equipment will face new challenges. That is, in the effort to develop mineral resources in deeper and more difficult spaces or regions, the support for technical methods for prospecting methods has also been updated. High demand.

Han Ziyue said that after a comprehensive analysis of this situation, the Institute has formed a consensus that it will continue to insist on the national demand as the main line, and increase the research and development of geophysical geochemical equipment and methods, in the development of disciplines and Prospecting and leading role in ore-breaking breakthrough strategic actions. While carrying out research and development, we will continue to do a good job in transforming achievements into a distribution and radiation source for geophysical and geochemical complete sets of equipment and methods in China to adapt our country’s geological work from traditional to modern, from single to comprehensive, and The two-dimensional to three-dimensional transformation of the situation.

To this end, in the future development, geophysical exploration will focus on the development of distributed, anti-jamming, high-density mixed-field electromagnetic data acquisition technology, three-dimensional data inversion interpretation and visualization technology, and establish real-time three-dimensional electrical exploration. The technical system will give full play to the leading and supporting role of the latest science and technology in the modernization of geological surveys; carry out the research and development of distributed multi-parameter high-density three-dimensional electromagnetic detection systems to further increase the depth and spatial resolution of the electric probes in order to more accurately depict the underground The target body will strive for greater achievements in the field of geophysical electromagnetic survey technology. In the field of geochemical exploration, it will focus on geochemical reference values ​​and geochemical mapping techniques, as well as new methods and technologies for geochemical exploration through penetrating layers. Eco-environmental geochemistry, soil carbon cycle and global change, regional earth survey technology for special landscape areas, oil and gas geochemical exploration techniques, special mineral deposits and offshore geochemical exploration, concealed or blind mineral exploration techniques, geochemical sample analysis Testing and standard substance development technologies

Han Xiaochi stated that with the joint efforts of the institute, geophysical and geochemical exploration will form more new achievements in the future, and provide more and more abundant results in the development of geophysical geochemistry in China and the realization of ore-breaking strategic actions and 358 goals. Complete solution.

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