Changan Automobile and Ford Motor Company will jointly establish Changan Heavy Duty Truck

Recently, Changan Automobile and Ford Motor Company have reached an agreement to jointly establish Changan Heavy-duty, a subsidiary of Changan. However, the two sides are secretly aware of this. It is reported that Shanxi Provincial Party Standing Committee and Executive Vice Governor Li Xiaopeng came to Beijing to meet with Xu Bin and exchanged views on the future development plan of Taiyuan Chang'an. One after the other is quite intriguing. In response, many people in the industry generally believe that at this time, the joint venture has more harm than good.

First Changan SINOCOG just started

Chang'an Heavy Duty Truck's sales target for this year is 5,100. To complete the target, the company has increased the promotion of M-series products and launched a series of business policies and service policies, hoping to benefit dealers, service providers and end customers. However, nearly half of 2011 has already passed and sales tasks have only completed 1/3.
In the first two quarters of this year, Chang'an Heavy Duty Trucks sold a total of more than 1,800 vehicles and sold 396 vehicles in May. Although this is better than the same period last year (from January to May last year, sales of 1,500 vehicles), but its share in the heavy truck market is only 0.38%, even if it is also the industry's new army, sales performance of Changan Heavy Duty Trucks is inferior to the Grand Canal Heavy Trucks and Guangqi Hino. "Industry experts told reporters:" Changan Heavy Duty Truck has just started in Shanxi, and its market awareness has yet to be improved. ”
What is more worrying is the overall downturn in the heavy truck market, which makes it even more difficult for Changan Heavy Duty Trucks to complete their tasks in the second half of the year. In April, domestic heavy trucks (including non-complete vehicles and semi-trailer tractors) produced 89,200 vehicles, a year-on-year decrease of 16.20%; sales were 106,200 vehicles, a year-on-year decrease of 8.33%. In the first four months, sales of heavy trucks grew only slightly. In May, the heavy-duty truck market sold 74,000 vehicles in a single month, a year-on-year decrease of approximately 31% and a decrease of approximately 30% from the previous quarter. From January to May, cumulative sales of heavy trucks totaled 450,000 vehicles, down about 4% year-on-year.

Second, Changan Group has no regard for Changan Shouqi

Relevant personage of a minicar company stated. “In the past few years, Changan Automobile Group has expanded too much and signed a series of investment and construction agreement. Even with the joint venture with Ford, Changan Automobile Group is hard to focus on the heavy truck, and its energy is more dispersed by the mini vehicle. At present, Changan's mini-vehicle business is falling more severely and the financial pressure is greater."
On March 23, China Changan Automobile issued an announcement and issued a 1.5 billion yuan 3-year unsecured medium-term note on March 28. Of the RMB 1.5 billion total financing, 750 million yuan is invested in Hafei Automobile and Changhe Automobile. In addition, it is understood that the total investment of Changan Automobile Group in Shenzhen, Hefei, Dingzhou, Hebei and Beijing amounts to 25 billion yuan. After the Chang'an Group took power from Yunnei, it will invest 6 billion yuan in return in the next five years. Based on this calculation, Chang'an Group has a total funding gap of approximately RMB 31 billion.
In addition, Ford heavy truck has no advantage at all
As a Sino-foreign joint venture, the Chinese side generally values ​​the technical advantages of foreign countries. Compared with Daimler, Mann, Caterpillar and Volvo, Ford has almost no technical advantage to provide to China. In addition, some of the world's major truck companies have entered the Chinese heavy truck market through joint ventures and cooperation, and they have seized the opportunity. This has made the prospects for joint ventures more complicated. The most important thing is that Ford Motor has already withdrawn from the heavy truck industry. Whether it can give Changan Automobile advanced technology and marketing methods is worth discussing.

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