A new generation of intelligent vacuum pump

The so-called "smart vacuum pump", as its name implies, is an intelligent, automated vacuum pump. Generally speaking, it refers to a miniature vacuum pump integrated with sensors, vacuum gauges, and single-chip microcomputers, etc. | Miniature vacuum pumps | Miniature air pumps that enable real-time, automatic adjustment of vacuum pump key parameters such as "vacuum (negative pressure)", "flow", etc. Completion of the general to build a more complex system can be completed, such as "vacuum pressure," "automatic timer shutdown, start", regular quantitative "vacuum suction filter" and other features.

Compared with the large vacuum pump with a weight of tens or hundreds of kilograms and a huge volume, the intelligent vacuum pump is much smaller and even portable. Therefore, it is often called a “smart vacuum gauge” or “desktop vacuum pump”. "," "automatic vacuum pump", "portable vacuum pump."

Features (1) can adjust the degree of vacuum required in actual work, can be set and through the integrated digital LCD panel, "real-time" shows the vacuum degree (negative pressure) value at that time;

(2) The flow rate can be adjusted;

(3) Equipped with high-sensitivity imported sensors, high-quality flow regulating valves and precision control circuits to complete the "automatic adjustment" function, which greatly saves the developer's time and effort;

(4) Built-in low-interference, long-life miniature vacuum pump; with micro-pump silencer system and independent damping system to ensure that the intelligent vacuum pump can work for a long time, low noise, and reliable;

(5) The core component is a miniature vacuum pump, so it inherits the advantages of the miniature vacuum pump, which is oil-free and non-polluting, and can run for 24 hours in a row. It belongs to a true dry vacuum pump, so no maintenance is needed, no lubrication and vacuum pump oil are required; intelligent vacuum pump back.

(6) AC 220V power supply, plug and play.

This intelligent vacuum pump uses a unique three modes of operation: interval, timing, and limit to achieve automatic adjustment of vacuum and flow.

1. The interval operation mode can set the upper and lower limits of the desired vacuum degree. When the pump reaches the vacuum upper limit value, it will automatically stop. When the vacuum level drops to the lower limit value, the pump will start automatically.

Scope of application: Vacuum holding pressure for closed containers Example: If you use ANB2005 intelligent vacuum pump (its maximum negative pressure -80kPa), to perform a "vacuum holding pressure" on a closed container, so that the internal negative pressure is maintained at - About 60kPa, you can set the upper limit of -55kPa, the lower limit of -65kPa, during the negative pressure inside the container reaches the upper limit, the pump will automatically stop; then with the leak of the closed container itself, the negative pressure decreases, below the lower limit, the pump will automatically Start, so that the negative pressure inside the container is maintained at about -60kPa, to achieve the vacuum pressure preservation purposes.

2. The timed working mode can set the working time of the pump. After a set period of time, the pump will automatically stop running. The maximum allowable time is 99 hours and 59 minutes, and the minimum time is 1 minute.

Application range: controlled vacuum time (timed shutdown)

Example: If you want a negative pressure inside a closed container to reach -80 KPA, use the intelligent vacuum pump ANB2005 (it's maximum negative pressure -80 kPa [2]) to pump this container. If the container is small, eg 1-2L, you can set the length to a few Minutes; otherwise, you need to set the time longer. After time, ANB2005 will automatically stop.

3. The limit working mode can set an upper limit value of the vacuum degree. When the pump works up to this vacuum degree, it will stop automatically.

Application example: set the vacuum threshold, automatic shutdown (quantitative fixed negative pressure shutdown)

Example: Suppose an experiment needs negative pressure in the container to reach -70 KPA, the best effect of the experiment, you can set the upper limit of ANB2005 to -70 KPA, then the intelligent vacuum pump will stop automatically when it reaches -70 KPA to achieve the purpose.

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