Dongfeng 145 water tank fire truck

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Dongfeng 145 Water Tanker Fire Truck Introduction Water tank fire truck, also known as fire truck, is a vehicle specially used for fire fighting or other emergency rescue purposes. Fire trucks can be divided into pump trucks (pumps), ladder trucks and other special vehicles according to their functions. Fire engines are usually stationed in the fire station. When an alarm occurs, they are driven by firemen to the scene. Fire engines in most areas are sprayed with bright red (in some areas there are bright yellow fire engines), and there are siren and flashing lights on the roof. The fire truck is the general name for all types of fire-fighting vehicles equipped with various types of fire-fighting equipment and fire-fighting equipment. It is currently the main tool for fire fighting and fire fighting, and is the most basic mobile fire-fighting equipment. The quality level of fire engines reflects the level of a country's firefighting equipment, and even reflects the country's entire level of firefighting.

Dongfeng 145 (5 tons) water tank fire truck

Dongfeng 145 Water Tanker Fire Truck Parameters Product Name: Water Tanker Fire Truck
Vehicle Model: CLW5126XFS Chassis Model: EQ1126KJ1
Basic parameters: Water tank volume: 5 cubic meters, water tank size: 2800*1395*1090mm, using ISDe160 30 (ISDe180 30, ISDe185 30, ISBE185 30) type engine.
Dimensions: 8235×2490×3400(mm) Chassis Model: EQ1126KJ1
Total weight: 12500(Kg) Approach/Departure angle: 25/14(°)
Rated weight: 4250(Kg) Front suspension: 1205/2330(mm)
Curb weight: 7800(Kg) Max speed: 90(km/h)
Engine: ISBE185 30 Displacement: 5900(ml) Power: 136(kw)
Manufacturer: Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. Emission Standard: GB3847-2005, GB17691-2005
Number of axles: 2 Front track: 1900/1800 (mm) Wheelbase: 4700,5000 Rear track: 1800 (mm)
Number of tires: 6 Tire size: 9.00-20, 9.00R20 Fuel type: Number of diesel springs: 8/10+7
Axial load: 3900/8600 Cab rider number: 3+3

145 Water Tank Fire Truck Performance The fire pump adopts normal pressure fire pump and optional medium and low pressure fire pump. Normal pressure pump: Model: BS30 vehicle fire pump, flow: 30L/s, pressure: 1.0MPa, medium and low pressure fire pump Model: CB20.10/15.30 fire pump, low pressure flow: 30L/s/1.0MPa, medium pressure flow : 15L/S/2.0MPa.
With strong pressure, pressure stability and flexibility. It can meet various job requirements under different operating conditions and can also carry out firefighting. The fire equipment box and equipment equipment rack adopt high-strength aluminum alloy sections, computer CAD design, reasonable separation of various equipments, large internal space, and use of special fixed equipment clamps, and the equipment is stable and easy to collect. General arrangement of fire-fighting equipment: fire-fighting suction pipe (diameter 10 cm, 4 m long) × 2 water filters × 1 piece, fire hose (diameter 6.5 cm, 20 m long: calibre 8.5 cm, 20 m long) × 2 Root, water hose hook × 4 pieces, hose wrap cloth × 4 pieces, reducer interface (diameter 6.5-8.5 cm) × 2 sets, the same type of interface × 1 set, DC water gun (diameter 6.5 cm) × 1 set, flowering water gun × 1 set, DC switch water gun × 1 set, sheep rake × 1 handle, ground wrench × 1 handle, waist axe × 1 handle, fire axe × 1 handle, shovel × 1 handle, 撬扛 × 1 handle.
Water tank fire monitor: Model: SP30, water range ≥ 55 meters pump.

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